Evaluating Your Needs

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Section 1

Evaluating Your Needs Section 1

The Role Of Communication In Today's Modern Business

Today’s most successful companies and Organizations do one thing very well. They Communicate. Whether it’s people connecting with people, people connecting with machines or machines connecting with other machines, every process is seamless, which makes operations efficient, productive and safe.

Effective communications are an essential building block for success. But how do you know whether your communications platform is optimized for your business? And if there’s room for improvement, what steps can you take to get things working more smoothly?

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Section 2

Evaluating Your Needs Section 2

Choosing The Best Communication Devices To Drive Business Forward

The challenges facing a multi-site manufacturing facility are very different from those of a transport company, hospital or school. Although their communication platforms are all underpinned by efficiency, productivity and safety, each will require its own individual solution. Even within a particular business, different individuals and teams will also require different solutions based on their specific roles and needs. One size does not fit all.

In the previous section, we discussed how communications helps businesses achieve objectives. In the chapters to come we look at specific solutions and the steps you can take to build the right platform for your needs. This chapter focuses specifically on two-way radios and how to decide which devices will work best for you. The starting point is to define your needs by evaluating your business.

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Section 3

Evaluating Your Needs Section 3

Unlocking The Power Of Business Communications With Data Apps

Supercharging Digital Radios With Data
Whatever the business, whoever the user, our extensive range of radios and accessories helps your people tackle challenges head-on. With the right devices in the right hands, everyone can respond and react quickly to every eventuality.

But how can those devices be made even more effective, so every task is more productive and safer? In this section, we look at integrating data applications into your digital radios to extend their functionality beyond just voice. We identify the benefits of having real-time information at your fingertips and pose the question: is this something you need? Or more specifically, would your people work more effectively if they could receive instant project updates on their devices, access special skills and knowledge at the touch of a button and message colleagues in seconds?

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Section 4

Evaluating Your Needs Case Studies

Case Studies

Communication That Puts Our Customers Ahead

Whether you’re running a factory, transport company, hotel, hospital or school, we help you work more efficiently, productively and safely. Our extensive range of Motorola Solutions’ radio devices, applications and accessories provide quality solutions to empower your workforce and unleash the full extent of your business potential.

Discover below how a few commercial organizations have built a brighter future through communication, information and collaboration.

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Section 5

Evaluating Your Needs Glossary of Terms

Talking Tech: Understanding Technology

Need clarification on some of our features and technology? We’ve put together a short glossary of key terms to help you decide which devices best meets your needs.

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