Critical Infrastructure

Critical Infrastructure

Large-scale projects face numerous threats such as vandalism or terrorism and can be difficult to protect due to strict installation regulations and tight budgets. They need vast coverage and an easy way to manage security permissions for employees and contractors.

Keep your critical infrastructure safe with Avigilon. Our access control solutions combined with the industry’s most powerful HD network video management software provides a seamless end-to-end solution.

The Broadest Range of Cameras in the Industry
Avigilon cameras offer the industry's broadest range of coverage - from 1 MP to 30 MP - so you'll always have the right camera for the job, with unmatched image detail. 

Avigilon’s Open
Avigilon’s open systems integrate seamlessly with your existing security infrastructure. Our surveillance solutions can work with your existing setup and our access control solutions can be managed directly from your existing IT systems, such as Active Directory.

Scale as You Grow
Avigilon realizes you may not be ready to make the jump to a full digital solution. With Avigilon Control Center and our H.264 encoder, you can get the benefits of a digital network with your existing analog system and scale as your projects or budgets grow. And you'll get maximum coverage every step of the way.

Ease of Use
Avigilon Control Center - the industry's most powerful video management software - provides simple ease of use, so you'll reduce training costs and ensure personnel can find what they're looking for, fast.