With significant amounts of money at stake, casinos are targets for false liability claims and crime. Get the detailed evidence you need to avoid false claims, protect assets and keep your guests safe, with Avigilon's end-to-end solutions.

Monitor every card, face and table with Avigilon’s end-to-end security solutions to create a safe and secure environment. Our access control solutions combined with the industry’s most powerful HD network video management software provides a seamless end-to-end solution.

Unsurpassed Image Detail of Every Card Table
Avigilon's end-to-end solutions provide unparalleled image detail, allowing you to confidently see every table and every card on your entire casino floor. Zoom in close to identify suspicious activity with no loss in clarity. Prevent loss with evidence-quality footage.

Incredible Surveillance Control and Scalability
Manage every system detail from end-to-end. Scale casino surveillance as needed. Avigilon Control Center software can manage any number of cameras on any casino floor.

True Seamless Integration? Bet on It
Avigilon's open system platform allows you to connect seamlessly with your casino's existing architecture, giving you the freedom to leverage the systems you already have. Now you can easily link criminal incidents and activity to specific points in time.


Keeping spectators safe in crowds of 50,000 or more isn’t easy. Avigilon's security solutions are designed to help ensure fan safety by combining exceptional image detail and powerful search capabilities, so you can quickly respond to events.

A Complete Solution
Avigilon's comprehensive solutions are designed to help security operators keep spectator incidents to a minimum and comply with strict industry regulations. Avigilon's access control solutions combined with our easy-to-use video management software provides a seamless experience.

Detailed Imaging
Avigilon's high-resolution cameras provide stadium operators the ability to cover broad areas and maintain situational awareness while zooming in to identify and quickly respond to potential security events—even in low-light conditions.

More Coverage, Fewer Cameras
Avigilon's industry-leading 7K (30 MP) HD Pro Cameras provide wide-area coverage while delivering exceptional image detail when zooming in.

Powerful Search
Avigilon Appearance Search™ technology is a sophisticated deep learning artificial intelligence search engine for video, designed to help you quickly find a specific person or vehicle across all cameras throughout a stadium. With video search that's as easy as searching the internet, Avigilon's software helps you reduce response times and minimize disruptions to spectators.